The Results Speak For Themselves.

Hair Plus Advance refreshes the follicles and promotes hair growth. It is clinically proven to be a hair loss solution that works for men and women. With results like this, you can be sure that Hair Plus Advance will be effective for you!


Mah Dee Lim, Taipei

“I cannot believe that an effective hair growth solution actually exists, even after using it for two months now. My hair was fading and clumps of hair were falling out, but I was able to restore its strength by using Hair Plus Advance. Highly recommended!”


Melvin Thornton, Adelaide

“I’ve been using Hair Plus Advance for 2 months now, and I can see more hairs growing on my head each day! I’ve never felt my hair this thick and healthy before, and seeing the bald spots go away is just incredible! Thanks, Hair Plus Advance!”


Yi Min Chang, Hong Kong

“I’ve been shedding hair for months because of PCOS. My friend let me try this solution called Hair Plus Advance, and I admit I was skeptical at first, but I wanted to try anything. I’m glad I did, because it only took a month for my hair to start growing back, and it’s thicker than ever!”


Thomas Alexander, England

“Just finished my 4th month of Hair Plus Advance & there’s such a difference! Only a month into it I could tell changes in my hair & now it’s grown a lot & is thicker too! So happy with the results can’t wait to get another month.”


Delores Griffin, London

“Hair Plus Advance is awesome! My hair is short, so my bald spots are not obvious unless you look at it up close. I bought this online and used it as directed. I can feel my hair get thicker and stronger by the day. Thanks, Hair Plus Advance!”


Lee Cheong, Taiwan

“I have used Hair Plus Advance twice a day for five months. It has increased thickness of the hair. I just love it. Friends are starting to notice my increased confidence.”


Lucas Faulkerson, London

“After 4 months, my wife was amazed and said that she can’t see my scalp anymore and that my hair is growing!!! 6 months down the track and I can’t see any more baldness. I am a big fan of Hair Plus Advance.”


Ying Huiliang, Taiwan

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, so my hair rapidly fell out because of chemotherapy. My dermatologist recommended that I use Hair Plus Advance after the treatment and I followed the instructions to the letter. It only took three weeks for me to get my hair back to normal. Thanks, Hair Plus Advance!”


Justin Harrison, England

“When I reached my mid-30s, my hairline began to recede. I visited my dermatologist and she told me that balding is normal for guys. She suggested I try Hair Plus Advance, and I had my doubts, but seeing is believing. After using the solution for three weeks, I could see and feel the results. This hair loss spray is just incredible!”


Ronnie Ferguson, England

“I’ve been slowly losing my hair for the past decade. My hairdresser told me that my hairline was receding and suggested I try Hair Plus Advance so I went online and bought a pack. After using the solution for two weeks, I noticed that my bald spots were disappearing and that my hair was getting thick. I’m so glad I tried this. I’d recommend Hair Plus Advance to anyone!”