Individuals suffering from hair loss due to damaged hair tend to be depressed since they believe the process is irreversible. The good news is that a little care will go a long way, and thanks to technology and information via the Internet, there are many ways to effectively maintain your hair.

According to, “coconut oil helps keep the scalp healthy, promotes healthy hair and growth, and improves the condition of damaged hair.” This ingredient has proteins which repair hair, so it can be considered a natural hair grower. Today’s market is getting saturated due to the many brands that sell this, so you have to know which solution is best for your hair.

Here are some tips to help you apply coconut oil to promote hair growth:

  1. The best time to use coconut oil is after you take a shower because your hair will be damp. Dry your hair with a towel, put some coconut oil on your palm, and massage it into your hair all the way to the scalp.
  2. The best temperature for applying coconut oil is when it is lukewarm. If it is cold, place the container in warm water or rub the oil between your hands before treating your hair with it.
  3. If you are concerned about the amount of coconut oil you are using on your hair, let its length tell you how much oil you must apply on it. Massage the oil with your fingertips and carefully work your way to the follicles and roots.
  4. When you are done treating your hair, protect it by covering it with a towel or a shower cap. Whether you will undergo deep conditioning or not, you may leave the oil on your hair overnight. At least leave it on your hair for half an hour as a hair loss treatment.

Damaged hair can be a pain to revitalize, but a natural hair grower like coconut oil or a solution that has this oil in it should do the trick!