It makes sense to take care of your locks if you wish to avoid hair loss. The bottle of shampoo is an essential part of the bathroom, even if most people are not concerned about the active ingredients which are in it. Most individuals are not aware of the potentially toxic chemicals in shampoo which can cause balding, and according to, excess hair washing can result in dry hair since “shampoo traps oils”.

The problem here is that our local Food and Drug authorities are not monitoring them, allowing manufacturers to put more chemicals which may affect our hair as well as our bodies. A chemical that claims to be a safe hair grower can actually do more harm than good. The skin on your scalp will absorb these chemicals, release them into the bloodstream, and possibly enter your organs. As surprising as it may be, if you are suffering from an unknown health ailment, the root cause may be the kind of shampoo you are using.

What are the chemicals in shampoo that aggravate thinning hair?

Salt Lauryl Sulfate is a cheap cleaning chemical that is present in many shampoo products. This agent can linger in the human body for a maximum of a week, leaving residue in your organs. Aside from this, your scalp will become dry and hair will become loose. A chemical similar to this called Salt Laureth Sulfate can also be found in shampoos, and aside from potentially leading to eventual hair loss, this agent may also contribute to kidney problems.

Parabens is a chemical in some shampoos and hair growers which acts as a preservative. Even trace amounts of this agent can be harmful. Finally, a chemical known as Polyethylene Glycol is in most shampoo products to make them appear creamy. There is research claiming that this agent can negatively affect human growth, and it is shocking to know that this ingredient is often found in shampoo products for kids.

Thanks to the Internet, we now have access to a lot of information. The best way to spot these products is to read about them from reputable sources.