The State Of Fading Hair, As Told By Scientists

Those people who are using hair loss treatment products for maintaining their crowning glory may or may not know of hereditary baldness being caused by lack of stem cells in the hair follicles. The latest research figures claim to have a lead in searching for a permanent remedy to thinning hair.

Stem cells, also known as cells that can become any kind of cell, are the ones in charge of the growth and hair restoration of follicles as the person ages. Scientists who are working at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University observed the skin of 18-month old laboratory mice, as this is the usual period when the rodents start to shed hair.

The researchers found out that these mice had fewer hair follicles, and that these follicles were thinner and smaller compared to the ones on younger mice. This implies that the follicles which were at their original locations were probably altered.

A similar outcome was noticed when this study was done on people who were within 55-70 years of age. The researchers discovered that the gathered DNA would eventually depreciate COL17A1, a collagen protein that is vital to maintaining the good health of hair follicle stem cells. When the stem cells do not get this protein anymore, the follicles shrivel and become epidermal keratinocytes (cells that make up most of the epidermis). The scientists think that maintaining the same quantity of the collagen protein may fight the signs of thinning hair among the elderly.

Aside from applying this theory into the production of efficient hair restoration products, the scientists believe that this discovery may pave the way for solutions which will slow down the clock in which ailments that are linked to old age will start showing symptoms.

Are you using any hair loss treatment products? Always remember to have your doctor screen you before you use it. He or she can recommend a dermatologist who can offer a comprehensive diagnosis on your condition if ever you have any.