My name is Charmaine Breckinridge. I just turned 49 and a lot of my gorgeous, thick hair is falling out. I used to have a pony tail as attractive as a horse’s mane, but it is now as dense as a Pilot felt pen.

My hair began fading a year after my 19 year old daughter (who had bushy and curly hair) started to lose her locks as well. Our family has no history of female pattern baldness since my 75-year old mother still has long, thick hair. My father has alopecia, but I was expecting my mom’s dominant genes to overpower dad’s balding gene.

Something weird happened, since my daughter and I are the only women in a family of around 50 who have this condition. At her young age, my daughter already lost at least 30% of her hair and wanted a hair transplant as a gift for her next birthday. I have possibly lost 50% of my hair, since it looks faded around the crown and receded at my temples and ears.

I heard about the side effects associated with hair transplants and it freaked me out, so I tried herbal supplements and other alternatives, but they were not effective. Because of this, I was in a depressed state for about a week.

My daughter called my best friend and our family doctor, who cancelled her appointments and hurried to our house. After checking on my condition, she advised me to try this natural hair loss spray called “Hair Plus Advance”. She said that her balding husband tried the solution a month ago, and he started getting hair back in no time.

I was skeptical of course, but I didn’t want to wear a wig or go under the knife, so I was willing to try anything. I ordered a pack through their website, and I was pleasantly surprised to get three bottles of the stuff.

After using the solution for three weeks, I was surprised at how thick my locks were getting. I had to be sure that it wasn’t a red herring, so I had my daughter try it. Her curly hair started to grow back after two and a half weeks! What a miracle this was!

I know I’ll soon be menopausal, but I feel better knowing that my hair will still be intact thanks to the solution my best friend recommended to me. My daughter and I have never felt this beautiful and confident in years!

Charmaine Breckinridge, 49, Hair Plus Advance user, Marketing Department Manager